8 Honest Facts You Need To Know About Successful Blogging

8 Honest Facts You Need To Know About Successful Blogging

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Successful blogging means different things to different people depending on what they want to achieve. It could either be - making a difference through inspiring stories, sharing experiences to guide people, influencing readers with their views, or making a living. Whichever one it is, having it noticed by a larger audience is the ultimate aim.

I have always had a special interest in meeting people who love to write. Met a few doing well with blogging which inspired me to set up a blog of which this is the 3rd one, in the course of my quest to do things differently I got to realize somethings that kept me in the dark, killed my ideas and creativity “doubts, validation, shifted focus, procrastination”.

  • What do I write about that will interest people, will they like it?
  • What will they say, how will they react or feel about my thought?

Hey! Go ahead and trash those thoughts, it can only get better. Some posts will be better than others, all you need do is to continually check out what others are doing differently to help guide you.


Here I’ll be sharing 8 honest facts about what successful blogging means to me which you would find useful.

1 Setting up a blog is easy pizzie but building a successful blog takes time, patience, and a lot of effort.
 Top bloggers today kept up with consistently pushing their content, as a new blogger successful blogging to me mean you need to be this and much more to be amongst the best. -Don’t just work hard work smart.

  • Write as you speak, your tone and great format will work for you.
  • For lazy writers like me, you can learn to like writing. Just have fun while at it and watch it flow.

2 Be authentic and transparent in putting your thoughts and feelings into words in a way that others will understand. It will make your audience who read your posts flow with you and desire to check back for more stories or guide.

3 Explore more and be inquisitive. Blogging does not mean only staying glued alone in front of a computer day and night, just like sitting long hours to code and only God ends up knowing what you did. Successful blogging to me means reaching out to people in any way you can, do not struggle or be terrified to get out of your shell and connect with other bloggers, It’s rewarding.

4 Stay updated on what’s trending. Find out what people are talking about and explore relevant communities, it will help you get post ideas. Successful bloggers are readers too not just writers, set aside time to read and tap into their ideas which is working for them.

5 Review old blog posts - revisiting old posts is a great way to check out contents that did well or didn’t do well. With the help of analytics, you will find out what you did differently in your most popular posts to improve and republish the one that didn’t to get people interested in reading.

6 Blogging for a living is long term Forget about making a living from blogging in a short term, don’t make money the main goal. I haven’t seen or heard about it happen for a new blogger although nothing is impossible, it’s not abracadabra. The most successful bloggers are in it for much more than money.

7 Do not despise SEO. One good content deserves search engine optimization to help your blog rank high in search engines and drive more google traffic and readers.

8 Mindset is everything. Focus on what’s ahead, If you keep listening to too many takes on a topic you will end up getting yourself contradicting your thoughts.

You do not have to do absolutely what every blogger does. Just fall in love with creating content, start putting your knowledge to practice, and watch the effective and successful blogger you’ll become.


Thanks for reading, I’d love you to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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