How To Get Found On Google Search Made Easy With People Cards

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Hey dudes and dudettes! Interestingly, the ‘ember month has introduced lots of fascinating product feature updates, and I am always here for it. 🤩

Do you know you can now get found on Google search like famous people? 💃🏽

Yes! When we search for keywords and the names of celebrities or famous personalities on Google, it is easy to find all information related to them from different sources. But what do we get when we search keywords related to us let alone our names, I mean the future upcoming personalities and celebrities?🤷🏾‍♀️ Scattered information with a different cocktail-like mix of people sharing the same name, hence making it hard to find the exact info needed.🥴

Today, Google Africa rolls out People Cards in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa that was first launched in India for those searching on mobile phones.

What is people cards?

Google People Cards is a public profile like a virtual visiting card that allows individuals to create their profile on its search engine. You can highlight your existing website, social profiles and about you. This is good for SEO, visibility, and the millions of influencers, entrepreneurs, prospective employees, self-employed individuals, and freelancers.🥳

How do I create a people card?


  • To create a people card is easy. First, you will need to sign in to your Google Account.

  • Search for your name or “add me to search” and tap the prompt that appears to start inputting your details you want people to see.

  • You can choose to either include the image from your Google account or add a new photo. A description of you, and links to your website, social profiles, phone number, and email address anyway you want it.

  • Tap on the “preview” to see what it looks like, then "save" option and that is it.🤝


Note: that users must authenticate a people card with a unique mobile number as a safeguard mechanism. The user will have complete control over the information to be included on the card and can edit or remove it anytime, which will stop their details from appearing in search. In case the user feels that there is an impersonation of their identity, it can be reported to Google using the feedback button.

Have fun showing off to the world what you got and getting found on search.

Love, and laughter,


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Thanks so much for this insightful article. I've been able to make my google card.

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Awesome 😎, thanks for reading.

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Lovely piece.

Insightful and informative.

"Dudes & Dudettes"

Love the neologism. 😁

Kelechi P. Nwachukwu's photo

Many thanks Cosmos.😅