The Ultimate Revelation Of My Awesome Tech Transition Journey

The Ultimate Revelation Of My Awesome Tech Transition Journey

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Change can be scary, but you know what is scarier? Allowing Fear to stop you from Growing, Evolving, and Progressing. ~Mandy Hale~

I have always been a tech-savvy dudette, who gets overly excited about technology and how it is used to solve problems. I did not study anything related to tech and never found it interesting being on a suit with hills at all times, which is somewhat a must do for people in finance.

Well, I was glad to escape that norm when I got a job as a Construction Accountant/ Project Manager. Unfortunately, I still was not feeling the vibes until a friend introduced me to Digital Marketing.

And suddenly, you know it is time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

How It Started: The Switch

Learning Digital Marketing at the Google Digital Skills Africa - Google Digital Garage, Grow with Google Training - Advanced Learning Lab Lagos Nigeria, and an Apprenticeship with GenM (Acadium) was the perfect kickstart I needed to help guide me through my tech transitioning.

I realized how much interest I had in Analytics and SEO, which formed the basis for going the Data Science/ Data Analysis path. I must say it has not been easy self-learning technical skills but, my beginners' mindset has been helpful.

What I Wish I Knew: A Perfect Tech Newbie Guide

Being A Developer Is Not The Only Job In Tech

Being a coded coder is cool. Frontend, Backend, Full-Stack Programmer, or Data Scientist is great, but before diving in you need to do thorough research on what might suit you and how to go about it. There are lots of cool tech rolls, explore as many options as you can, transitioning to other job roles within tech is possible. Ask questions.

Be Open To Learning: The Beginners Mindset

I have been in a fix several times and got out of it without sweat because I had community members who were ever ready to help guide me.

I do not care if you are an undergrad or young tech guru, I am only new to your industry but an amateur in mine and just learning to add additional skills to my experience not competing. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and I am not afraid to fail.

Be Part Of The Community And Always Give Back

Things are always changing in the tech industry. To be updated and current in the know, you need to be part of a community. Attend tech events and Meetups, you will find friendly people willing to connect with and chat about what they are working on. You must not learn everything, and you can teach someone else what you know, it helps to reinforce knowledge.

Documenting or sharing your experience as a developer can be beneficial to you and others too. Start by writing one article at a time no matter how short, with these blogging guides Why you need to start a blog and facts about successful blogging it will be easy pizzy.

How It Is Going: My Transition Phase

I have come to realize Data Science is a broad path to go into, with the likes of AI, ML, Deep Learning & Robotics. And while at it after realizing no rule says I should switch straight into a technical role, I am taking it slow and steady.

Contributing to open-source projects to get hands-on learning of the tools, doing technical writing, Product Management, and joining related bootcamps. Some might feel it is wasting time, but the good news is that it is not. It allows me to explore more, I love fun and challenging adventures.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. ~ Confucius~

I hope my journey helps as a guide to yours. See you in Twenty Twenty Won (2021)

Love and laughter,


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