TwitterSpaces: A Clubhouse-Like Social Feature That Will Control Abuse

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Hi there 👋🏽, what’s happening?

It is no news to most of us who are regular Twitter users of the massive recent updates on the platform. It includes;

  • Visible Quoted Tweets that allows users to see retweets with comments all in one place.
  • A Twitter reply-limiting feature so users can have a little more privacy control over who shows up in your mentions.

  • Saving and scheduling tweets on a desktop to save one the stress of switching to use other mobile scheduling apps.

  • Prompt to encourage users to open and read an article link before retweeting, in a bid to slow the spread of misinformation on the timeline.
  • Audio clips in Tweets allowing users to share voice recordings.

  • Twitter Stories – Fleets 24-hour disappearing stories feature no different from other social media stories sitting at the top of users’ profiles.

The recent announcement by Twitter to bring live audio to its platform in a feature called Twitter Space. Lets conversation flow while remaining free of abuse or online harassment from trolls on its platform, making Twitter user @Kungsfiskarens feature request which he tweeted in 2017 about to come into existence. Interesting, as audio seems to be the next rave to generate real & intimate conversations.

Jane Manchun Wong @wongmjane took to twitter yesterday to show a preview of what to expect.

The feature which is to be offered first to users who have endured the most abuse and harassment on the platform, exclusively to women and people of marginalized communities, giving them a space to communicate making it a safe space.

Liam O’Dell @LiamODellUK who identifies himself as a deaf journalist tweeted about his concerns for viewers with special abilities like him.

There’s talk of a greater sense of empathy with audio versus text. I really hope this view does not see Twitter disregard the need for audio to be captioned.

Kayvon Beykpour @kayvz Product Lead at Twitter confirms that the platform’s audio spaces new feature will come with real-time captioning.

There have been reactions by users, saying it is a version of Clubhouse. An invite-only voice chat rooms service much loved by VC Twitter, where users can create their own spaces or groups and carry on with voice-based conversations.

Some liken it to Discord an app initially built for gaming, which lets communities connect through video, voice, and chat rooms.

While others say it is like 2go rooms which made waves years back.😅

Charley Miller @Superfection tweeted

In UX design we often talk about giving the user the bike they already know how to ride. But this regurgitation across social is getting ridiculous.

I foresee this will be of positive impact on the exclusive users' online psychological and emotional well-being. The “ regurgitation across all social “ in my opinion, will allow us to stick with a platform that offers a total package that works well for us. Thereby help cut down on having several accounts on different platforms.

And yes! On a lighter note I can relate to this one, some tweets will appear on our timeline and we will be like whaaaaaaat?😳😤 Letting it out would help us ease the anger, I mean.😂

What do we think about the new TwitterSpaces feature? Is it a threat to Clubhouse success? Leave a comment below.👇🏽

Love, and laughter,


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